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You Want To Bam Bam, You Want To Chill With The Big Boys - Ameno Lyrics
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11,918 19
This song is a ruler of hit rap music

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Babirye halimah
I love dis
Elena Moses
@Elenasplendid say!
blia urf mrjg het m dthn dfh dgh ea
u want to bom bom u want to suck di ting of an u deh ran kitty pull pussa pusaa eh
blia urf mrjg het m dthn dfh dgh ea
@ggh guhets
stop pls
Jam-up Jam
I love it because it is so enjoyable
I love dis
I love dis
Mk bismark promota
i love this song,you want to bam-bam
Say something..i love the music
Say something..well done
The song is one of the best i've listened to
Best ever
Elvis jumaa
Cool dozz,...refresh mind,.. I love it
Please 🥺 I need these video
I just love the song
Ezinne duru
I love Dis
Love it sooomuxh
I love the song