Buhari Signs New Police Act Into Law That Prohibits The Arrest Of Any Person In Place Of A Suspect And Other Good Things

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Buhari Signs New Police Act Into Law That Prohibits The Arrest Of Any Person In Place Of A Suspect And Other Good Things
New Police Act, 2020

President Buhari on September 16, 2020, signs the new Police Act 2020 into law and this replaced the old Police Act, CAP P.19, LFN, 2004.

The key objectives of the new amendments are:

To establishes an appropriate funding framework for the Police in line with what is obtainable in other Federal Government key institutions,

To enhances professionalism in the Force through increased training opportunities, and creates an enduring cooperation and partnership between the Police Force and communities in maintaining peace and combating crimes nationwide.

Below are the high points of the new amendments that every Nigerians should be aware of alongside its sections:

1) Section 66(1) of the Police Act 2020, ONLY a Police Officer who is a LEGAL PRACTITIONER, can prosecute. Police Officer who is NOT a LEGAL PRACTITIONER cannot prosecute unlike the the Old Act that gave non-Police lawyers prosecutorial power.

2) Just like in the movies, Nigeria can now have private detectives who are not employed by the government. The Nigeria Police Force is responsible for vetting and approving the registration of Private Detective Schools and Private Investigative Outfits. See Sec. 4(i).

3) The Police is mandated to report the findings of its investigation to the Attorney General of the Federation or State as the case may be. See Sec. 32(1).

4) The Act prohibits the Police from arresting anyone based on a civil wrong or breach of contract. See Sec. 32(2).

5) The Act equally prohibits the arrest of any person in place of a suspect. See Sec. 36.

6) The Act makes it mandatory on the police officer or any other person authorized to effect an arrest to inform the suspect his rights to:

i. Remain silent or avoid answering any question until after consultation with a legal practitioner or any other person of his own choice. See Sec. 35(2)(a).

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