Becoming Your Dream

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Generally, your dream is your personal life purpose. Without dream life is like an adventure without hope. The word “Adventure” means dangerous experience. The most dangerous moment you'll ever experience in life is to live without a dream or to live a life of no vision and purpose.

As a child of God you are pre-destined to fulfill in life. God does not create you to be a watchman only but to be watched also. It's truly that you are created to create and dominate certain possibilities. You're created for a purpose and with a destiny to accomplished. That's why God revealed to Jeremiah the purpose why he was created for. He said to him'

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations Jeremiah 1:5

The word of God is the true foundation of our lives, and our destiny are all tied on the strength and the saying of the word of God Almighty. However, it's obvious that you have a call and that call is the purpose of God and His perfect plan that you need to find. The Bible says

“For I know the plans I have for you; declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future Jeremiah 29:11.

You can see that the keyaccess to achieve your dream is to discover God's plan for your life. Your lifelong goals does not depend on the strength of your whatever qualifications you have, but the decision you've made and your determination since from the very moment you realized that you were born to win, to be great and to achieve great things. Therefore, God inspired me to tell you that you were to fulfill and it is your own personal responsibility to find what your dream is.

Years back, a Pastor was preaching about self discovering and at the cause of his sermon he asked thus "Have you discovered God's plan for your life?" These question challenged my inner ability, and from that day I sought the face of God and long until these faithful and remarkable day that I'll not forget; when I hard God calling me in a dream „Come out of them, for I have chosen you to won souls into my kingdom” That very day marked the day I'll ever believe when believers says I had God spoke to me. So you can apply the same method and ask God to show you as He deed in my cased His perfect will and plan He has made you'll become in life. Though I know people may try as much as possible to classify you, but believe me the desires of man is from his heart. Only you have the access to your deep secret heart. Beside, you know your deepest desire, you know the passion and the revelation you had concerning your life purpose. How you often forgert to eat ane sleep. What you never get tired of doing. That which you always find pleasure in doing it. Click to that feelings, it's your lifelong goals. Be passionate about it even as you do it through God. Because anything you find yourself doing through God that's your calling!

Nevertheless, examine if what you discovered is walking inline with what God has in stored for you. Many people failed today simply because of this misconception and confusion of whether it is God's will or not. Brethren, the concept of the will of God cannot be over emphasize, but just as I have spoken previously so believe it that whatever you do through God that's your calling. And when you found yourself doing the will of God don't just feel doubt in doing instead love doing it and embrace with so much passion for that's the assignment God has for you and that through it you'll fulfill your purpose on earth.

Those who failed in life actually failed because they didn't discern what is God's will for their lives. I think you are wise enough to learn from their passed experience. It's a challenge to live your earthly life without fulfillment. Get up now and discern the will of God for your life.

My dream has always being my hope and what I love the most. As a Pastor, I know that my goal and focus in life and in ministry is to fulfill my master's demand (Mathew 28:19-20) and it is well expected that through the work of the ministry the Lord will lift me up. What about you? Have you discovered God's will for your life? Your answer to this questions determine where you are going.

Most of the time what we call "Will of God" cannot be plainly visible in the beginning until one's start the journey. And there's no success without a vision. No vision No missionary. Your dream is your vision and it is in your vision your mission lies. Without dream there is no vision, and without vision there is no mission, just like what the great man of God said “No dream no drive” (Dr. Myles Munroe). It is impossible to achieve without a purpose. Take look at our brother Joseph, 'Joseph had a dream and he followed his dream passionately until became a prime minister. You can achieve your personal life purpose if/when you plan for it.

A wise man goes to bed with full of imaginations, woke up the next morning with a dream and expectation; went out will plans and later in the evening came back home rejoicing and celebrating his success. What a strategy?

You'll never possess what you are not willing to pursuit in life because your dream is your purpose that causes you to program your life, project yourself into the future and create a reality out of imagination as you patiently wait for its manifestation with a firmness hold on planning towards your target.

I have come to realized that every profound achievement is the result of a profound preparation. How great you prepare will determine how great your success will be. The Bible says

“So Jotham become Mighty because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God” 2 Chronicles 27:6.

As you prepare to plan your dreams, set your goals and target, the Lord Jesus Christ will surely establishe you and brings you into the place of achievement in Jesus name. It says “Jotham became Mighty and established achiever in life”, I declared, so shall you be as you continue planning for your dream in Jesus name Amen!!!

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