Becoming Your Dream

religion Jun 25, 2020 0 579
DanjumaYohanna @DanjumaYohanna
Danjuma Yohanna is an excellent
product of God, a luminary in spreading
the gospel of Salvation. He is a merit
teacher, preacher, writer and singer
whose impact has profoundly blessed
and transformed so many souls into the
kingdom of God.

He holds Diploma in Baptist College of
Theology, Lamingo Jos, Nigeria. He
lived in Tafawa-Balewa from Bauchi
State Nigeria.

All enquiries about this book should be
directed to the author "Danjuma Yohanna"
Call: +2348104386104, +2349081401987.


BYD- Becoming Your Dream
Is a methodology of discovering God's
invention in you, and becoming it reality
in result and total manifestation of what
was systematically designed to achieve
in life and future.

The author has detailly paraphrases
what he called "The three component of
achieving your dream" which as follows:
🔑How to find your dream
🔑How to plan your dream and
🔑How to achieve your dream.

Get the book, and it will convert your
wrong mentality; shape and sharpen
your shallow understanding about life
purpose and validate how important
your life could be when/if you find out
your real dream and achieve it.

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