AMOTEKUN Security: What You Need To Know

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AMOTEKUN Security: What You Need To Know
AMOTEKUN security outfit, officially launched on 9 Jan, 2020 in Ibadan, Oyo State by the Western Nigerian Governors Forum, consisting of 6 Governors from the Yoruba States.

OPERATION AMOTEKUN: Things You Need To Know About the New Western Security Scheme

1. Each state donated 20 vehicles each, making 120 Amotekun vehicles. The vehicles would be dispatched to the respective states.

2. The headquarters will be at Ibadan, Oyo State.

3. The size of the troops would be determined by what each of the six states had capacity for and based on the level of security threat.

4. Every state government will fund the troops in its state. It is the capacity of a state that will determine the size of troops it needs.

5. The idea behind Operation Amotekun is in a bid to localizing policing. Salary of personnel will not be below the minimum wage.

6. Their operation will be seamless. If something is happening near the Oyo border, the Ogun Amotekun can cross into Oyo and vice versa.
Yoruba Region Forms it’s Own Security Outfit with Guns and Vehicles.

The major duty of the group is to monitor herdsmen’s movement into communities or forests in all the Western Region.

The Nigerian Police, Army and NSCDC has Rejected Joint Patrol with the group, saying they are untrained to handle security matters.

Many people believe that the Yorubas are smartly and secretly working for a secession from Nigeria with this move.

It is now the turn of Eastern and Southern Region to form its own Security Outfit that will carry guns like The army and police men.

Will the Eastern and Southern governors emulate what the Yoruba governors have done and do it in the south east.


AMOTEKUN Security: What You Need To Know
AMOTEKUN Security: What You Need To Know

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