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Cokoboi Biography

celebrity Nov 16, 2021 0 445
Cokoboi Vibratesounds @Cokoboi
Cokoboi Biography

Udeme Augustine Uwemedimo
Popularly known by his stage name
as Cokoboi
Udeme Augustine Uwemedimo was
born on Friday 24th November 2000
at around 9am in the morning in his
home town at ikot Iyang Okon Eket,
Eket Local Government Area of
Akwa Ibom State Nigeria
Cokoboi is the second child of his
father Mr Ubong Udo Jacob and the
first child of his mother Mrs Mfon
Augustine Uwemedimo all both
from Okon Eket In Eket Local
Government Area of Akwa Ibom
State, Nigeria
Udeme Augustine Uwemedimo
started his first school at Akoclem
Nursery and Primary school he later
traveled with his aunt to uyo where
he lived with her for some years,
Therefore in uyo Cokoboi was
admitted to Amazing Grace Nursery
and Primary school, No 30 Ufeh
Street Uyo Akwa Ibom state,
He later came back to his home
town in Okon Eket Where he started
his primary 3
As at 2014 Cokoboi guarduated
from his primary Education to
Secondary Education Which he was
admitted to St Francis Secondary
school Ikot Ataku/Akpandem Okon
Eket,Eket Local Government Area of
Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, due to
some health issues he couldn't
make it in three(3) terms
He later Continue his Secondary
Education in 2018 in jss2 at Nduo
Eduo High School Okon Eket, Eket
Local Government Area of Akwa
Ibom state Nigeria where he
guarduated from Nduo Eduo High
school in 2022
Udeme Augustine Uwemedimo
Know as Cokoboi from birth is a
baptizep in 2004 at Lutheran
Church Of Nigeria (LCN)Ikot Ataku
Okon Eket, Eket Local Government
Area of Akwa Ibom state Nigeria
where his Grandfather Mr Augustine
Uwemedimo and his Mother
Cokoboi was a devoted choirester in
the children choir in Luther Church
of Nigeria (LCN)
Later left the children and started
circular music in 2014
>>>>>>Early Life>>>>>>>>>>
Udeme Augustine Uwemedimo
Popularly known as Cokoboi is an
Afro-Pop /Reggae Artist, Comedian,
Blogger,Graphic Designer,Author
and Disk Joker (Dj)
Udeme Augustine Uwemedimo
Popularly known Popularly known
Popularly known as Cokoboi Started
music as a freestyler using mobile
Application to run his freestyle in
2014 he did so many freestyle like
*Give me your Love
*Lady mama ft Donny jims
* Risky Cover (Davido ft popcaan)
* Jealous Cover(Fireboy)
And lot more which was not upload
to the internet
Later in 2020 during the pandemic
he worshipped with the Assemblies
of God Ikot ibiok Eket Local
Government Area of Akwa Ibom
state Nigeria during their youth
program where he displayed his
talent In composing a gospel song
Still same 2020 23th December he
dropped his first track in Hofishal
sounds studio with a song Tittled
"Runaway"Featuring Phlexee j this
song was displayed by cokoboi and
Phlexee j on 25th December 2020
at strabag junction via okon street
He laterly released another track on
13th February 2021 which was
Tittled "IMA"a valentine song which
"IMA"means "Love"
With this song he created a record
Label known as Cokoboi Music
Entertainment (CME)
On 27th June 2021 Cokoboi was
featured by El blaq In his first track
Tittled "Mama"
Later on 10 September 2021 he
released his third track a Gospel
like circular music Tittled "Only
God" featuring Phlexee j and with
this song (Only God) he dropped his
first music video
Cokoboi Started comedy still on
same 2014 when he started music
with firstly Oto-obong Emmanuel
Joseph,Ubong Emmanuel Joseph
and David Patrick Joseph with a
Group name "The Kings Empire"
but due to unseriousness the group
falled then called later in 2020
cokoboi created a group with Emilia
Ogar Nyong, Glory Jonah,Promise
Francis,Emem Remiques, Solomon
John Attah and Solomon Sunday
due to misunderstanding they all
left the group remaining cokoboi
and Solomon know as small sin
Cokoboi and small sin Rename the
group from Ultimate Nation to
Chocolate Cartel in 2021 with a
comedy name "Chocolate Boiz
Comedy" due to unseriousness in
comedy shooting Cokoboi Redrew
from Comedy acting but didn't
shutdown the group ( Chocolate
Cokoboi Started Blogging since 19
November 2019,he first created his
first blog(Cokomedia) on 19
November 2019 which the blog was
Cokoboi created a new blog as at
December 2019 (Vibratesounds)
which cokoboi is still the Admin till
Cokoboi started Graphic designing
on 18 November 2019
Cokoboi started Writing Stories in
2014 with his first time story Tittled
"The Kings Empire "He wrote so
many stories about things that
happened in the past and present
(Dj) >>>>>>>>
Cokoboi Started Disk joking using a
mobile Application (Cross Dj) to mix
his Mixtapes in 2019

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