#BBNaija: NINI's Diary Session

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#BBNaija: NINI's Diary Session
1} I woke up feeling feverish but I'm feeling better now.

2} I'm mimicking Liquorose and she is not that hard to mimick

3} the cleaning punishment this morning was so hard, I don't remember when last I did a task like that.

4} Saga told me about his task and I asked him why he had to tell me about it.
5} it wasn't my fault that Saga told me about his task.

6} I'm cool with everyone in the house but I don't consider them my friends.

7} I always tell Saga to go back to his room but he always refuse.

8} Saga is my friend, and I understand why he couldn't deliver the task, and it will also be difficult for me to do same to him.

9} I have a very bad mouth.

10} I wish I can take back some of the words I said to Cross.

11} I'm drained mentally and emotionally from the punishment giving to me and Saga today.


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