Daddy Freeze Says He Is Not Scared Of FBI Interrogation Over Relationship With Hushpuppi

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ugochukwu Franklin Amadike @ugochukwu
Daddy Freeze Says He Is Not Scared Of FBI Interrogation Over Relationship With Hushpuppi
The OAP says his relationship with Hushpuppi was based on an interview he tried to score.

Nigerian On-Air personality Daddy Freeze, has debunked rumours that he is scared of being named as one of those who enjoyed the largesse of Internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas also known as Hushpuppi.

In a video released on his social media page, the veteran OAP said he is not scared of being interrogated by the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

"You guys need to get away from this mentality that anybody who gets to hang out with anybody must be collecting money from that person. I will not lie I am disappointed in Hush and if I see him I will tell him. Because you fed the rumours, tomorrow if somebody is buying a Ferrari then the person must be a thief," he said.

"Someone said Freeze dey fear. I don talk am if you nor get sense you go dey talk nonsense. I don talk if FBI wan question me, make dem dare me, I ready answer anybody question. What do I have to hide?"

Freeze said the reason he had a bromance with the Internet fraudster, was that he wanted to score an interview with him.

"They will come and I'll give them all my bank details. Let them check all the money with me and see if I have any Dubai money in my hands that is traced to Hushpuppi. It is when you have something to hide that you'll be worried. What I wanted from Hushpuppi was an interview," he added.

The OAP's statement comes days after Hushpuppi confessed to the authorities in the United States that he bribed top Nigerian police officer, Abba Kyari, to keep one of his numerous schemes alive.

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