Stop Portraying Igbo Men As Ritualists — Actress Praiz Sam Tells Nollywood Filmmakers

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Stop Portraying Igbo Men As Ritualists — Actress Praiz Sam Tells Nollywood Filmmakers
Actress Praiz Sam has asked Nollywood filmmakers to stop portraying Igbo men as ritualists.

She asked filmmakers who fall under this category to "glorify the hardworking part of Igbo men" as it is beginning to look like a norm to portray Igbo men as ritualists.

Praiz described Igbo men as the most hardworking men in Nigeria while recounting how comment sections of social media posts were filled with negativie comments during businessman, Obi Cubana's mother's burial in Oba, Anambra state last week.

The actress wrote;

A Letter to MY NOLLYWOOD!!

Dear Nollywood,
How are you?
Hope you’re doing great?
A quick one!!

Please ,can we glorify the hardworking part of IGBO MEN, in our movies??
Instead of
alllllllll the time!!
I mean, people are beginning to see it as a norm and if you really want to look into it yeah, IGBO MEN IN NIGERIA ARE THE MOST HARDWORKING MEN!!!
Yes I said what I said!! With my FULL CHEST!! “Even the ladies”

Let me take you back to the comments about (the #Oba celebration of life )
The comment section was filled with a lot of Negativity!!
Wow !
So an Igbo man can’t make clean money again?? I don’t understand it…
I have stayed in the midst of them ( they talk about business , 80percent of all the times, always very calculative)… I mean, we (Nollywood) are MINISTERS TOO!! we preach through our movies and subconsciously get into the minds of people !!!
So ,I beckon on our writers to please showcase more of “REAL , CLEAN, GROWTH STORIES “ not just for the IGBO MEN! But especially for them, because we kinda gave them this Look, through our movies!!

Ps: I’m not dating any Igbo man oh! Just saying the Bitter truth
“THEY WORK VERY HARD, and that part of them


(Yours Faithfully )

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