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EvangDanjuma Evangelist Yohanna @EvangDanjuma
According to research it is clearly revealed
that people have gone so far to learn more
about love in different dimensions. Author
and preachers has said numerous things
concerning the subject of love, but what
we have not realize or see it at working in
us is what I call the price or activities of
love. I know you may ask is there activities
of love? If yes, what are this activities or
price of love?

The ministry of Jesus Christ is the
compendium of the word love, and the
word love is in categories not as what
many people takes to be sexual desire or
emotional feelings of sexual attachment;
but a dimension of God's grace that was
manifested through Christ the Saviour JOHN 3:16

Love is a dimension of grace from the
heart of the father revealed to connects
people both emotionally and physically,
and philosophically in submission to one
another as a result of Christ death on the
Cross of Calvary for the Salvation of all
JOHN 15:13; 1 JOHN 4:7, 9-10

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Love always protects, love always trust,
love always hopes, love always perseveres
very important and love never fails
Ephesians 5:1-2 Are you in love? Do you
Know the price of love? Will you pay the
price.It is not an option to love but it takes
price to love. To love is not as free as easy
you think. There is always a price to pay
for each partner gives.

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