Facebook Imposes Strict Account Compliance & Deletes 2 Billion Fake Accounts

news May 29, 2019 0 1,044
Tanos Thanos @Tanos
Facebook Imposes Strict Account Compliance & Deletes 2 Billion Fake Accounts
There is a every high tendency that your next Facebook account might not be approved, as Facebook has imposed some compliance algorithm in order to battle its fake account challenges.

Recently Facebook claimed to have deleted over 2 billion fake accounts, but did not give any Information if the deleted accounts have any significant decrease on its claimed 2 billion daily user logins

The social network giant is trying to imposed strict compliance by users with its standards. Which have been its major media setback regarding to privacy and identity theft.


If you already have a Facebook account and wants to open another one, notwithstanding the reason behind your motives, you must undergo Facebook account verification before having access to that account.

Recently I opened a Facebook account in order to test a Facebook login on one my applications, I was stormed with the new Facebook compliance issue. I was asked to take a photo of myself alone, and upload for proper verification, and up till this moment I have not received any update regarding that account from Facebook.

With a highly induced artificial intelligent network like Facebook, we are looking at high risk of account hacking due to multiple failed verification issues that will hinder peoples interests on Facebook.

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