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EvangDanjuma Evangelist Yohanna @EvangDanjuma
Evangelist Danjuma Yohanna, came up
with this powerful sermon Title “A NEW
CREATION” It's indeed a powerful and
motivated message for transformation.

2Corinthians 5:17
‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the
new creation has come: the old has
gone, the new is here!.

Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ, centered
on two significant views where we took
our reading this morning. And this views
are as follows:
1. Paul talks about the OLD man: that is
the life of sin theologically.
2. Paul talks about new creation: which
has to do with the free gift of eternal
salvation to those who who are in Christ

These two significant views are natures
that still exists and will continue to show
in man. It could be the kind of lifestyle
you impose or chose to live or, the kind of
life that portrays that of Christ which God
wants you to practice.
Now, to every one, it is a choice and you
can't exempt yourself or rather escapt it.
It is a system of lifestyle working in us.
But remember, it is a choice. You can
decide the kind of life you want whether to
live under the influence of the OLD nature
which mostly resulted to disobedience to
God. Secondly, the NEW KIND OF LIFE,
which is the free gift of eternal life Jesus
promised to give those who believes in
him. It's a kind of life that gives peace, joy,
Spiritual and physical health, prosperity
and salvation. Yet it is a choice. You can
decided to choose between two of these
nature and gift (Deuteronomy 30:19-20).

The one working in you now determine
what your heart allows, permitted and
activate. If you determine metamorphosis,
you are responsible for activating that
possibility into your life.

A brother asked me this question some
time ago. He said, “How will someone
know that he/she has this kind of new life
Jesus offered”?

Now, this question tells me that the very
questionier was desperate about salvation
and how to engulfed his pride of having
the same kind of life. So I said to him:
1. If your faith is in Jesus, you have that
kind of life (Verse 17)
2. If you have trusted Christ Jesus as your
only hope for the present age and ages to
come, then you have that kind of life ( eternal life).

There's a possibility that one can vividly
participate into oneness with Christ if and
when you determine to let Go the OLD life
in you and allow Jesus to recreate you and
make you a new creation with new Spirit.
Moreover, because there's a part called the
‘OLD’ that gushed out of you. That former
life that you we're once redeemed from.
And not only the redemption but also the
acceptance of the new eternal life offered
by Jesus and living an exemplary alike
guarantees you access to become a new

Talking about new creation. What then do
we mean by being A NEW CREATION?

1. A new creation means a new perspective: the word perspective is from
the latin root word “as", look through”, or
“perceive” is the way you see things.
Your mentality must be renew and be
activated. The way you think and the way
you construct ideas that's what defied you
as a new person (creation).
2. A new creation means a new person:
in verse 14, 15. You must revaluate your
self as a new person and start living a
different life. There must be a total charge
and metamorphic transformation both in
your eternal and external character.

Something in your life must tell people
that you're a new person. You have let go
the OLD life, and now living according to
the will of God.
3. A new creation means a new purpose,
new vision, new determination and new
goals verse 11-13,18-29.

You are a new creation by living according
to the Spirit ( Romans 8:9). That's what
makes you a new person in Christ Jesus.
make up today to leave your cruel and old
passion of life. indeed we often just have
to let go of the past includes everything
that has to do with immoral act. Forget
about your pain of yesterday, or what you
were unable to achieve. Embrace the new
season of grace with new purpose, new
vision, new determination, new ideas and
new life in Christ Jesus.

God has made all things new and beautiful... believe in Jesus Christ and start living out a new life you've received, new ideas you discover and new friends.
Start your new beginning legally with God and it shall work out for you in Jesus name AMEN.
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Evangelist Yohanna Evangelist Yohanna Apr 02, 2021
Re: Christ Exousia Network Int'l
iCare iCare Apr 03, 2021
Keep the good work
Evangelist Yohanna Evangelist Yohanna Apr 03, 2021
Thank you!

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