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EvangDanjuma Evangelist Yohanna @EvangDanjuma
Danjuma Yohanna, was born on the 5th of the month of June 1987. He had a called in 2014 and was trained in Baptist College Of Theology Lamingo, Jos Nigeria. He hold diploma in Theology. Danjuma equipped into the work of an Evangelist the very day he had from God in 2014. He started reaching out to people streets by streets in Ado Ekiti as he was motivated by the holy Spirit until finally he was trained.

Started as a youth prayer ministry in many years back before he was called into the school of taught. He's very own people hated him because of his gift of prayers.

In 2017-18, he was summoned by the Church councils to stop him from praying. It's was very severed but the man of God said no to them and that led leaven the Church.

Then after some years he started the ministry somewhere in Bauchi State, beside the hillside in Rapture Church, Sabon Layi, Bayara in Nigeria. Is a Ministry of prayer, healing and deliverance which Jesus himself called me into and that's where God has fixed us up to stay and continue his work.

Jesus said to me “I have given you authority ‘the Greek word (exousia)’ to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power ‘the Greek word (dunamis)’ of the enemy; nothing will harm you ( Luke 10:19 ). So the vision is to expose people to the power of God's word and teaches them how to engage it for safety, because the world are evil. CENI is not just for miracles but for disciple lifestyle, mission minded, soul winning and to preach the salvation of Christ Jesus. I'm much concern about your salvation. Salvation is your earthly lisces or I d card for heavenly invitation. Get your lisces today... JESUS IS YOUR LISCES.

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