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@realronaldken Ronald Kenneth @realronaldken
My name is Ronald Kenneth and I am Africa’s premier smartphone productivity coach (I’d explain in details in my next post). I have been on this planet for exactly a quarter of a century and I have come to realize that the people we refer to as “Made-Men”, live by certain principles. I have spotted out a few things that would help you attain effectiveness.

Purpose discovery is the bedrock for excellence in life. A lot of persons are wallowing in stagnation simply because they are have little or no idea of what their assignment here on the planet is.
Everybody you see on the street, in the bank, shopping malls, offices e.t.c are here on an assignment to fulfill purpose but it’s quite unfortunate that a lot of these persons do not have an idea as to what their assignment entails.
Be quick to figure out what you want from life and what the creator wants you to achieve. There are clues around you to spot what your purpose or assignment here could be.
Examples: Your passion, a problem you have spotted in the society and you wish it could be eradicated e.t.c
Once you have done that (identifying purpose), be proud of what you have and carve a niche for yourself

Perception is key in the market place. As an essential tool for branding, make sure you package yourself for where you’re going.
I’m sure you must have heard the Nigerian proverb which says “The difference between plantain chips and kwekere is packaging” (Our comedians use this line a lot).
Anyway, it’s true!
You don’t have to break the bank to look good and be professional. Start small but grow fast on the packaging aspect.
The amount of knowledge you have in different areas can enhance your packaging as well. So, pay attention to the content as you pay attention to the container.
A lot of times, people will refer to you as a proud person because of your personal carriage and poise.
We live in a society where people mistake your personal carriage for pride but that shouldn’t stop you from packaging yourself and living your best life.

Humility will take you far in life. The way up is down…( be humble, this way, you’d go far).
NEVER OUTSHINE THE/YOUR MASTER is one of the points in the book by Robert Greene: “48 LAWS OF POWER”.
You see, proud people and those who seek all forms of vain glory rare stand the test of time; they phase off quicker than they expect.
They truth is: Nobody likes a proud person
Can I shock you?
In conjunction to humility, don’t be in habit of underrating people. You need people to excel in life and you never can tell the future of the person you’re underrating now

Open up your mind to the creativity and idea of others. No man is all knowing. Omini-Science is the quality attributed to God (The Sovereign being). No other creation has this capabilities. This there means that there is a limit to the knowledge a person can wield per time.
Be open to corrections and tutelage form those who have attained higher realms of knowledge and experience.
. You can’t succeed alone. This brings us back to my talk on #Synergy
Synergy is the strategy for effectiveness.

Whether you like it or not, man know man is the trend in Nigeria and the world today.
It’s the people you know that connect you to the place and the other persons you want to meet.
Now the question is: Who do you know?
Now I don’t mean, you should go about lobbying and all that. Seek to know people now, especially when they have nothing (you never can tell who would be what).
Don’t just take people’s numbers because you want favors. Be genuine in your pursuit for true connections & networking

Don’t be comfortable with the level you’re in now. The fact that you know it doesn’t mean you should not know more about it. It is called “RE-SEARCH”. You have searched before, now search again.
And when you’re done with this, it’s imperative that you UPGRADE.
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Evangelist Yohanna Evangelist Yohanna Apr 02, 2021
I'm blessed Ronald, More grace.

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