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Jay Z - Regrets By Jay Z Image

Jay Z - Regrets (mp3 download)

» Jay Z
producer Reasonable Doubt (1996)

Reasonable Doubt is an album that presents Jay-Z’s experiences as an avatar for hustlers who’ve run the same Brooklyn streets as him. Here, he gets a bit more personal, using tension brilliantly throughout. In one verse, Jay has a conversation with a deceased friend; in another, he recalls coming this close to being busted in a sting operation.

Overall, the song is about morality and facing the guilt that comes with participating in the dark world that Jay depicts on his debut — it’s not unlike the shame of an addict coming off of a high, knowing they can’t escape the substance that’s most destructive to them.

“Regrets” is a sobering album outro that furthers the complex, conflicted persona that is Shawn Carter.

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