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Jay Z - Takeover Feat. Kanye West By Jay Z Image

Jay Z - Takeover Feat. Kanye West (mp3 download)

» Jay Z
producer The Blueprint (2001)

Many believed Jay Z's “Takeover” to be a knockout blow before Nas retaliated with his own haymaker, “Ether.” But musically, this is bigger than just a battle song. Kanye West chopped up a crazy sample from the Doors — taming the unruly guitar strings — and got the hell out of the way. Jay presents a slideshow of his adversaries’ shortcomings and missteps, humiliating Mobb Deep and portraying Nas as a fraudulent hip-hop has-been; the addition of David Bowie’s altered fame sound bite is a shrewd touch as well. The gloves are off, and Jay taught a new generation how to pick apart an enemy.

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