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Maluma - Hawái By Feat. The Weeknd Image

Maluma - Hawái (mp3 download)

» Feat. The Weeknd
producer Papi Juancho

Maluma's new mp3 music titled "Hawái" in collaboration with The Weeknd talks about a “toxic” relationship that didn’t work out.

The perfect “feel better” song for that ex you still love but is now with someone else.

Right at the start, Maluma sings “stop lying to yourself, I know the picture you uploaded was to make me jealous.” And it is said to make reference to a post Maluma's ex girlfriend "Natalia Bariluch" made on Instagram a few months ago confirming her relationship with Neymar Jr — Maluma’s former friend and famous PSG soccer player.

Interestingly enough, Bonnie and Clyde, which is what she added as the caption on her photo with Neymar are also the names of Maluma’s dogs.

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