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23 : Michael Jordan By Burna Boy Image

23 : Michael Jordan (mp3 download)

» Burna Boy
producer Twice As Tall

Burna Boy's new mp3 music pays homage to Michael Jordan as the music titled "23" is Michael Jordan's shirt number.

Burna Boy made several references to basketball player Michael Jordan, whose jersey number gave “23” its name. Burna Boy looks to Jordan as an icon for pursuing and achieving your dreams, and he pays homage through several characters with ambitious goals for themselves in honor of Women’s History Month: an aspiring basketball player who is wheelchair-bound at birth, a young singer-songwriter, a dancer, and a music producer.

Burna Boy released Twice as Tall, his fifth studio album, in August of 2020. The LP was awarded Best Global Music Album at the 2021 Grammys.

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