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Gym Class Heroes - Stereo Hearts By Feat. Adam Levine Image

Gym Class Heroes - Stereo Hearts (mp3 download)

» Feat. Adam Levine
producer The Papercut Chronicles II

After a three-year break between albums in which frontman Travie McCoy did his solo thing, Gym Class Heroes are returning big time. They just wrapped a co-headlining spot on the Warped tour, and released an infectious new single, “Stereo Hearts,” featuring Adam Levine. In this first look, Gym Class Heroes go behind the scenes of filming the video against New York’s cityscape.

Working with Levine satisfies a longtime goal for Gym Class Heroes. “My manager asked me [years ago] who I would want to work with and Adam Levine was one of the first people that came to mind,” says McCoy.

It’s fitting the collaboration comes on The Papercut Chronicles II because, as drummer Matt McGinley tells us, Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 were a big inspiration on Gym Class Heroes’ debut, The Papercut Chronicles. “We’ve been really big into Maroon 5 for years. Our first record that helped launch our career was The Papercut Chronicles, and usually when we go into to do an album we have somewhat of an idea of what kind of tones we want from the record. We actually rolled up there with a Maroon 5 album and gave it to our friend who was the engineer on that and we were kind of like, ‘Make our drums sound like this,'” McGinley says. “Of course, we also handed the guy a Roots record and we’re like, ‘Let’s find the middle states between Maroon 5 and the Roots.’ But he’s just a dude we’ve always admired and wanted to work with on some level.”


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