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Jay Z - Niggas In Paris By Feat. Kanye West Image

Jay Z - Niggas In Paris (mp3 download)

» Feat. Kanye West
producer Watch The Throne (2011)

Okay, no, this is the quintessential Jay and Kanye collaboration. The title in itself is radical, a dissonance inspired by attending the most exclusive Parisian fashion shows while listening to Young Jeezy.

Quotables abound, especially from Kanye ("What she order? Fish filet"), but Jay reminds you that more than extravagance, this song is a celebration of life itself — statistics say the two artists were exponentially more likely to be dead or in jail than mingling in the upper echelon of fortune and fame. Hit-Boy instantly became a go-to producer after lacing these hypnotic synths that give way to explosive drums.

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