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Lizzo - Rumors (mp3 download)

» Feat. Cardi B

Lizzo's new song with Cardi B, titled "Rumors" debuts at number 4 on the billboard top 100 on its first week on the chart.

Lizzo has taken notes from her collaborator Cardi and kept herself relevant on social media since her album release. She’s been sharing such relatable and inspirational messages about self love, and she’s absolutely hilarious on TikTok.

In this new song Lizzo and Cardi B dress in Grecian goddess-inspired dresses, dance in front of classically inspired statuary, wear headdresses that evoke caryatids and transform into Grecian vases.

They’re adding their own twist to what’s called the classical tradition, a style rooted in the aesthetics of ancient Greece and Rome, and they’re only the most recent Black women artists to do so.

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