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» BIA Featuring Nicki Minaj

BIA is the latest Barb-turned-rapper to catch the attention of Nicki Minaj. The two collaborated on a remix of BIA’s “Whole Lotta Money,” and the whole project started with a DM, as Minaj revealed on Instagram Live. As Minaj tells it, after hearing and loving “Whole Lotta Money,” Minaj slid into BIA’s DMs to congratulate her on her success. “I open the DMs, and I see that the girl had been DMing me for three years!” Minaj explained. She told BIA that she appreciated BIA’s “emphasis on every line [in “Whole Lotta Money.”] It wasn’t just about a dope chorus and a beat.” Minaj continued, “I don’t feel that a lot. I used to feel that and that used to be my inspiration for wanting to rap.”

Source: vulture.com

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