#end Sars

Opinion Oct 27, 2020 0 34
Laffdebestlaff Laffdebestlaff @Laffdebestlaff
End sars is one of the many aspects of reform Nigeria citizens are clamoring for in our society. The average person has no legitimate access to the entire franchise of the Nigeria constitution.

The young masses are protesting against indirect dictatorship as observed in various stages of our country evolutionary biology. The country was built on the foundation of democracy and yet the poor masses are yet to experience a vitural outplay of democracy where the government is for the people and by the people rather we come to see a government of indirect dictatorship and military supremacy.

As our country is further driven to an unimaginable scenery of chaos and civil unrest the youths are demanding for transperancy and a voice in decision and law making process of her country. United not by a leader but a core and pressing duty to herself and future generations to dignify and elevate the livelihood of the common Nigerian citizens, not also forgetting to reform necessary factors that hinder the growth and posterity of our great nation.

They have to listen.