Becoming Your Dream

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Becoming Your Dream
Becoming Your Dream= Introduction It
is certainly challenging to meet a friend
you helped in the passed financially and
academically, but now he's your boss
officer. Until you realized how to make
the most of your day, you cannot make
the most of your life. How you plan your
life today determine what you'll become
tomorrow. So what promote great men
today is the contributions they made in
to their lives yesterday. Life is all about
investment. Today, you can give your
life a meaning by making use of your
time in programming your life and living
the very life that you were created to live.

The story of Joseph in the first book of
canonization in the Old testament
clearly disclosured how much its
requires to achieve your dream and
what step to take in fulfilling that dream.
The first notification is to realize who
you are, what you want, where you
belongs and how to get there. What you
find or do through God that's the call of
God for you. God said to Prophet Jeremiah...

"Before I formed you in the womb I
knew you, before you were born I set
you apart; I appointed you as a prophet
to the nation" Jeremiah 1:5.

According to God's predetermination
counsel, every body is destined to
become something great in time in life.
Just as Jeremiah was called to be
prophet however, you were created with
a destiny to fulfil on earth. God wouldn't
have created you if he hadn't have a
purpose for creating you. That's why
after the creation He called everything
he had made "good" because they all have purpose.

Likewise, life with no purpose is like a
car without fuel "No dream no drive" (Dr
Myles Munroe). Therefore, God's
purpose for calling you is to butter your
bread and to sugar your tea; meanwhile,
to make your life better and not worse
accounting to His predetermination.
Today you can strive to discover what
what really your dream is.
Joseph discovered his and finally
became a prime minister. What is your
dream? Can you defineyour calling? Do
you know who you are? Are you willing
to live a life you were created to live? Do
you know what is God's will for your life?
Every accomplishment you attempt to
and achievement you attempt to in life
is the result of finding your reall dream.
Therefore, as you are reading the manuscript of this book, the keypoint to
achieve in life is to know your dream right from the first place, the plan you take and the working out towards the goals. You can start it now!!

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