Mr& Miss Nature Nigeria 2020

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Mr& Miss Nature Nigeria 2020
The Nature Nigeria Beauty pageant is a platform that promotes beauty and our Cultural Heritage...

The Ambassadors are always going on tours to advocate about Anything that has to do with Nature.

The Contestant gets to compete for the crown and the winner gets to go home with a Car. Prize and trips to any tourist site.

There will be camping and intensive training for contestants.

There will also be an online STREAMING which will serve as an Audition.

There will be visitation to exclusive Orphanage homes and Government houses

Visit to the minister of Culture and Agriculture

Visit to the office of the minister of youth empowerment.

Visit to TV homes for live broadcast.

Visit to palace of major kings and Queens of the major ethnic group in Nigeria and more.
Info +234(0)8167973472
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Fb: mr/miss nature Nigeria
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