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Cracking Da Codes is a conference aimed at snlightening and educating entrepreneurs on how to get their businesses and/or personal brand up the global ladder.

In this 21st century marketing has taken a new turn, there are several Do(s) and Don't(s) that lots of business and brands are not taking into cognizance.

There are certain brands and personalities that have cracked certain codes, companies like Coca-Cola, Dangote, Paystack, Techno etc, and personalities like Fela Durotoye, John Obidi, Steve Harris, Grace Ihejiamaizu, etc.

To Survive in this decade you need to know some codes that work and how to crack them.

Why you should Attend this conference:
1. More businesses are cracking the codes in the area of effective branding, service delivery, reputation management, brand visibility etc and you to be at par with them.

2. This decade, we see a lot of businesses go into extinction and we don't want yours to be part of them

3. The future of your business is dependent on the value you will get from this e-conference.

What you'll learn at the conference:
1. How to skyrocket your business and/or personal brand in 2020 and beyond to attain Global Relevance.

2. How to work from Home and earn money with your smartphone

3. How to create solid brand visibility

4. How to Legalize your brand (Registering your business, getting a cooperate account, getting you TIN, etc)

5. Harnessing grant opportunities and generating funds for your brand

6. Getting a needed and valid skill in 2020 and lots more.

- Ebooks and training Materials Values at $100

- 3 Days post training support after the conference.

Conference speakers:
• Francisca Nyong
• Sunday Ekpa Ido
• Ronald Kenneth

Registration is 1,000 ($2.8) Only and Conference will run on whatsapp from 25th - 31st January 2020

Visit to register today!

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