English Premier League Betting Guide

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As the world's most touted soccer league, the English Premier League (EPL) brings you lots of opportunities to bet every league weekend. The league's thrilling nature and unpredictable matches attract millions of fans worldwide, and bookies like Betway offer solid odds on the most popular markets. However, it can be a bit tricky to break even when betting on the EPL, especially without the right strategy.

This EPL betting guide will give you a few essential tips to help you increase your chances of winning bets on league games.

Guide to Picking your EPL Predictions

The English premier league is one of the best competitions to bet on since there's no shortage of tipsters. However, the games are highly competitive and not all tipsters are willing to put too much analysis on https://www.premierleague.com/">EPL predictions. That mean's choosing the best weekend football predictions can be a long and cumbersome process. Nonetheless, you can use these tips to prepare for your analysis.

1. The Teams' Current Forms

Like any other league, you need to consider the current form of both teams before you can pick a selection. For that, you need to consider each team's defense and offence forms, assessing whether a team is likely to score or concede goals in a match. Luckily, most tipsters pay attention to this detail.

2. Betting on value

Before you select your https://www.betway.co.zm/sport/soccer">Betway English Premier League bets, you need to start by identifying value. Betting on value not only ensure that you remain profitable, but it also gives you a good chance to walk away with a decent amount if you win.

3. The Host Factor

When a team is always supported by overcrowded stadiums packed with fanatic fans, it feels like you're playing 12 footballers on the pitch. That's why you never underestimate any EPL teams on home ground, as they can produce incredible results contrary to what their away form may show.

4. No Complete Underdogs

It's quite easy for tipsters to make mistakes when analyzing matches and giving football predictions. In fact, a tipster may ignore the fact that every team has stable resources and a budget to compete with the others healthily.

5. Motivation

While every team desires to take the league by the end of the season, different team differ in their goals throughout the campaign. As such, you need to understand what motivates a team to play and win in any game. For instance, a team with a new coach may not play the same way with an old coach.

EPL Live Betting

In most leading bookies, you don't need to worry if a game starts before you place your wager. Actually, betting on live games gives you the advantage of having more knowledge of what's happening in the game as you bet. You can see which team has a strong defense and the team attacking more. As a result, live betting can prove to be very lucrative if you've got the right strategy. Don't forget that live betting is also about placing your wager at the right moment.

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