Showcase Musical Challenge Win Free Ticket

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Itunu2020 @Itunu2020
Showcase Musical Challenge Win Free Ticket
One of the Nigeria musician popularly know as iTunes is giving out a challenge for his new song "Showcase".Did you want to be part of this challenge what you just need is to follow all this instructions below or on the picture above:
Download the instrument for showcase below
Instrumental showcase
After that,You just need to did just only one minute rap or freestyle video on the instrumental you downloaded above on your own in any of your own language.
Then upload your recorded video on your Instagram and tag it with #Itunesomoope and with TSG and also follow iTunes rapper world on Facebook.
Finally,you need to get all your friends to like, share and comment to receive your reward.See the reward below.
The winner is getting free ticket to perform on stage with lilfrosh.Note the reward is only for the winner.Thank you.

Download showcase instrumental

Click on link below:

Sardar Udham - An Assassination Which Shook The British Empire
Action ★ 7
Halloween Kills - Evil Dies Tonight. You Can't Kill The Boogeyman.
Crime ★ 16
Warning - We Have Lost CTRL.
Thriller ★ 18
The Forgotten Battle
Historical ★ 22
Every Last One Of Them
Thriller ★ 43
Farm To Fork To Love
Drama ★ 38
Bergman Island
Romance ★ 39
Dune - Beyond Fear, Destiny Awaits.
Action ★ 37
After We Fell
Drama ★ 43
Christmas On The Carousel
Romance ★ 40
Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds - One For All And All For One!
Action ★ 39
Night Teeth - Paint The Town Red
Horror ★ 46
Thriller ★ 44
The Trip
Horror ★ 87
The Four Of Us
Comedy ★ 65
Dear Evan Hansen - An Honest And Original Story For The Outsider In All Of Us.
Musical ★ 64
Sanak - Hope Under Siege
Thriller ★ 58
Monster Run
Action ★ 62
Escape From Mogadishu - A City In Revolt, We Must Escape
Action ★ 65
Witnesses - Bear Witness
Action ★ 87