To Pray Is To Conquer

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PastorDanjuma @PastorDanjuma
To Pray Is To Conquer

one of the greatest spirit that is incapacitating people and hindering them from entering God's best plan for their lives is the spirit of WHOREDOM (1Cor 10:8)

Therefore to avoid sexual immorality in your relationship with your guy/girl is to take the following steps as the condition necessary for implication.

1. Know the truth: You are expected to know what has God forbidden and don't go after it.

2. Avoid close relationship with the opposite sex.

3. No kissing between both.

4. Pray together always to defend the moment.

5. Allow the Holy Spirit to control your initial feelings or emotion.

6. Avoid bad talks and flatteries.

7. Speak God's will to build the relationship.

8. Avoid wrong association 1Cor 15:3.

9. Avoid staying in the dark.

10. Avoid being overnight.

11. Be careful the kind of social movies you both watch.

12. Monitor the voice of the Holy Spirit to sustain a holy rewardable relationship.

I hope you have find it helpful, remain bless. The Lord will grand you the grace to sustain a holy relationship in Jesus name (Amen).

Franklin Amadike Franklin Amadike Jul 16, 2019
This is a great message
PastorDanjuma PastorDanjuma Jul 17, 2019
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