To Pray Is To Conquer

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PastorDanjuma @PastorDanjuma
To Pray Is To Conquer
The secret about Pastor Danjuma Yohanna is that: He was created and born as well called to kill, and bring back alive. To scatter and to gather, to destroy and to re-build again. So, my advice to you is to be sober and vigilant, I know that basted (devil) is walking like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour (1 Peter 5:8)

But one thing I want from you my beloved reader, is to favour yourself by resisting that little rat (devil) submit your mindset to prayer, be a prayerful Christian at anywhere, anytime and at any circumstances.

I tell you I'm not afraid of the devil, I've given the knowledge and power to rule, dominate and live above any other creation include the devil himself. So, brethren anywhere you are, and whatever you are doing right now keep it aside and pray this prayer point with seriousness.

Say, "Any spirit that is causing me to SIN against God and against my wish, Jesus send down your fresh fire to burn and consume them in the Mighty name of Jesus (Pray!).

Thank you for partnership with me, don't forget, be a man and woman of prayer. Remain bless Amen. for more information, call +2347089023212' +2349081401987. Shalom!

PastorDanjuma PastorDanjuma Jul 15, 2019
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