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EvangDanjuma Evangelist Yohanna @EvangDanjuma
In this view let me start with Muslim's
belief by saying, ‘Does Christians really
worship the same God with Muslims?
Christians does not worship the same
God with Muslims. I do not condemn
those that think Christianity and Muslims
does worship the same God, but the more
I delve into Christianity and the relations
I had with Muslims, I realized that there is
nothing in common between the two
religions. The reason are as follows:

1. Christians believe Jesus is God, but the
Quran is so opposed to this belief Q 5:72.

2. For Christians, Jesus is certainly God,
and for Muslims Jesus is not certainly
God. How then do we deceive ourselves
that we worship the same God with them?
(Muslims). This fact alone is enough to
settle the matter.

3. Another similarities between the two
religion that is quite personal to me is his
fatherhood. According to Jesus, God is
our father (Abba), yet the Quran denies
that fact ... that Allah is the only father
Quran 112:1-4. In fact, in Quran 5:18, “It
tells Muslims to rebuke Jews and
Christians for calling God their loving
father because humans are just things
that God has created”.

4. The same is the case when we consider
the doctrine of the Trinity. Islam willingly
condemns worship of Trinity Quran 5:73,
that according to them, it sends you to hell.

Many people erroneously believe that
because Christianity and Islam are both
monotheistic and their sacred texts
recount similar narratives featuring some
of the same Prophets, the religions share
deities as well. The truth is, there are vast
similarities at every level.

5. Muslims believes the Quran, Islam's
holy book, was delivered word for word to
humankind through Prophet Muhammad.
Because the Quran exacts great authority
to Muhammad and even prescribes total
obedience to him (Quran 33:36), Muslims
highly value the Hadith, or what they truly
believe are reliable accounts of the
Prophets life and behaviours. The “one
god” related through these texts is very
different from the supreme God of the
Bible (Christians) which Christ followers
recognized as the inspired word of God
and the epicenter of belief and practice.

6. The God of the Bible created humanity
or humankind in his own image, and
throughout the ages has provided for our
salvation.He has always been omnipotent,
omniscient, and omnipresent as father,
Son and the Holy Spirit ... with a singular
mission to fulfill the essence of John 3:16
- 17, so that through him the world might
be saved. He offers the free gift of eternal
life with him to all who believes John 14:3;
Ephesians 2:8-9

7. The Qurans creator God did not make
humankind in his image, nor does he
interface with humankind the God of the
Bible does. Muslims believe their deeds
can earn them favour, but they see Allah
as transcendent - not imminent. They
believe every person's eternity in Islam's
paradise depends upon the balance of
their good and bad works, for which there
is no assurance. Even Muhammad the
Prophet did not know whether he would
achieve paradise, and most Muslims do
not expect Allah to be there at all.

Allah does not love the sinners (Quran 11:
90), but the God of the Christians showed
us including the Muslims and other more
religion His incomparable love by sending
‘His one and only Son into the world that
we might live through him’ 1John 4:9.
Time would not permit me to talk more
about other religion's beliefs, but with the
reasons I have given so far it is nothing
but the to that Christians do not worship
the same God with Muslims and any other
religion outside Jesus Christ.

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