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@Etzemily Etz Emily Oj @Etzemily
Kelechukwu Enyadike Paul (born 18th mat 1999),known
Professionally as Emily,
Is a Nigerian singer and songwriter .
He started music when he was 9rs old. And started recording 2018 June, and manage to release a single titled. STANDARD FREESTYLE. with the release of the song, he made a collbaration with Y.S.B group .. Same 2018 October he released another single titlted YUR LUV.. Which was considered a hit...
And was downloaded by many ..
And loved by many. ...
*2019*. He taught of bringing something nice.
April march he brought out another singles title BLESSINGS. .. And was considered an inspiration to the fams. . 2weeks later . it was remixed .. And was a blast ... .
Before he started .. Recording he made mention of making he's record label. .

Franklin Amadike Franklin Amadike Jul 04, 2019
Nice one Emily, your up for greatness
Etz Emily Oj Etz Emily Oj Jul 05, 2019