Children's Day - The Dream They Will All Wake Up To In Nigeria

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Children's Day - The Dream They Will All Wake Up To In Nigeria
Nigeria as a country have been plagued with various challenges, from incompetent governance, to unrealistic educational structure and profound corruption. Growing up as a child in Nigeria means having to know that the country is bad because we have corrupt politicians, knowing that making money without any meaningful means of income is the only way forward, learning how to disassociate with people you don't know due to the increasing rate of kidnapping and child abuse.

Every Nigerian child is blessed with both the horrors of bad leadership and the easy accessibility of social vices that makes one rich in a matter of months.

With the increasing rate of betting companies, Nigeria children will all wake up to be enticed with the concept of making 1 million Naira by placing a bet of 100 Naira, the menace that is ruining the future of millions of Nigerian youths whom have resulted to seeking an easy way out from poverty.

The Nigerian children will grow up spending 20 years of their lives going through the Nigerian educational system only to end up with the narrative that school is a scam, due to their inability to find a job or create one for themselves.

With the growing security challenges ranging from terrorism to ritual killings, the Nigerian child are faced with the harsh truth of insecurity, thereby learning most times through the hardest way ever.

The dignity of labour is some how diminishing in Nigeria due to the alarming rate of cyber crime and fraudulent activities, the Nigerian child will grow up to see criminals being honored with chieftaincy titles and Yahoo boys building churches and winning political seats.

With unrealistic parental goals, must Nigerian children will be faced with the harsh challenges of street Hawking and child labour, with majority of the female children being abused due to lack of care or the need for survival.

For every parent reading this article, the best way out for your children is not an expensive education, luxurious holidays and bogus birthday celebrations, the best way out of this shit hole of Nigeria horror is to teach your children how to create opportunity for themselves, ensure that every education session is followed up with a skill training, with children learning how to perfect a meaningful skill at their most tender ages, they will grow up looking to solve a real life problem which in turn will provide a happy future for your children and grand children.

Let's make Nigerian children great starting from our children and wards.

2019 Children's Day calls for all meaningful stakeholders of Nigeria to teach their children how to generate wealth by meaningful production of hand made crafts and services.

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