Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's

Opinion Apr 29, 2017
Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's

This is a great discussion from, a question raised by Dolapo Adedayo.

People particularly from the West tend to mistake our desperation for stealth.

Tagged as being ‘really bad' is what we have to deal with (outside the shores of this nation) if we ourselves don't clear the air already clouded with criminal Antecendence and constant suspicion- prone misconceptions.

Truth be said, We are vehement and raging in pursuing career goals. However, that shouldn't be mistaken for absurdity and wildness. For what it worths, Nigerian are welcoming and adorable.

Our cultural traits and rituals (although varied) are loveable and widely benevolent. Perhaps a little fault could be identified, none theless the virtues outweigh the vices in folds.(We're humans and can’t be seamless in all matters.)

For the non-atheist reading, even God didn't create humans evil-free.

A portion of a whole population will definitely be unruly. This is not avoidable.

Does this make us all Bad? Still a HELL NO!!

Now from a generic view, what makes the few bad Nigerians bad?

A parlance says there's no excuse for failure (I'd love to see this as ‘crime') , it's a choice you made.

Now, it's time to finesse my sacarcism.

Soon enough, Nigerians will have rampant excuses to murder corrupt politicians, create chaos, infact another civil war should be in making.

We've had excessively greedy individuals as leaders who are homorously Comfortable to bury millions of Dollars in their yard while the masses die of poverty, terminal diseases and hunger. What are horrible place to be?

The menace of corruption here has been stomached for too long and now, we're reaping the seeds of our ignorance.

If the youths meant to be seen as tomorrow's leaders are sitting ahome idle(unemployed), how then will crime dwindle.

It's unfortunate!!!

This misfortune /menace as you may put it, accounts for the evenly increasing rate of brain drain and immigration from Nigeria today.

The few deluded ones that can't otherwise survive, consider robbery, kick start cyber crimes and other fraudulent practices inwardly.

Despite the trials, the logical, patriotic and optimistic Nigerians still believe in it.

On a final note, Nigerian are not Bad People.

Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's
Alvin Frankenstein Alvin Frankenstein Apr 30, 2017
For me Nigerians are just like everyone else in any country in this planet, with different personalities and characters. Me I am a very good Nigerian
TrueGist TrueGist Apr 29, 2017
Joshua Folivi's answer

No, we are not bad people. Every nation, race, religion has someone or a group of people that act in an unruly manner.

If an American commits crime does that mean Americans are criminals?

Or the fact that a radical Islamist blows up a plane make us conclude that a Muslim is a terrorist? Re: Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's
TrueGist TrueGist Apr 29, 2017
Isaac Thani's

As a Nigerian on Quora, I find it imperative to give an official(**smiling) answer to this question:

NO. Nigerians are not really bad people. Nigerians are not even bad people. Nigerians are just like other people.

They can be good(and very good), bad, and any other label applicable to people in general
TrueGist TrueGist Apr 29, 2017
Sally Osaetin's answer

Nigerians are not bad people. I meet kind and sweet people daily whike I work and all of remember reading Nigerians.

Just the same way we have people from other countries that are tagged as bad people for some negative things some people from those countries had done. But that does not mean that everyone from those countries are bad. Re: Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's
TrueGist TrueGist Apr 29, 2017
Michael Ayomide Smith-Akiode's answer

Nope. Just like every society we have good and bad people in Nigeria. But I believe that most Nigerians are generally good people but we do have bad eggs amongst us. Most Nigerians are hospitable and nicely behaved. Re: Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's
TrueGist TrueGist Apr 29, 2017
Joy Sokunbi-Ebor's answer

Not at all. But most times you find more people minding their business, which could make it seem like they are.

TrueGist TrueGist Apr 29, 2017
Uche Nwobu's answer

I loved a speech by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Titled the dangers of a single story. It changed my perception about everyone.

If you asked are there bad people in Nigeria, we will all agree with you. If you also asked if there were lots of bad people in Nigeria we will also give you a big yes. But when you say, are Nigerians (that's putting over 170 million people in a box) and that my dear is giving us all a single story.

Ignoring that many Nigerians has done a lot of nasty and really bad stuff to fellow Nigerians and non Nigerians is regrettable. Then so has other countries. For example we see a lot of Facebook clips of a particular country (not mentioning names) making lots of fake food items. Plastic rice, eggs, cucumber etc. Does that mean their are not honest farmers there? No! Does that make the whole lot of them wicked? No!

Now I will mention a name, in the US, we read and see videos of serial killers so often, it could give one what I call a “USA phobia” but are they all killers? No again. Generalizing people is so bad it takes away the beauty of all the others.

Now in terms of making business with some Nigerians, I will still advice that you be careful and keep your records. Believe me their are a lot of honest and good people in Nigeria too. Re: Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's
TrueGist TrueGist Apr 29, 2017
Iheanyi Ogbonna's answer

Frankly speaking, we are really Bad People. So bad that we tolerate the horrible reception given to us everywhere we go. The moment our passport/accent is spotted we are legally entitled to our daily dose of multiple scrutinization and unexplainable harrassment, in most cases without a word till we can't bear it again.

We are terrorized at home and terrorized abroad, the reception given to us is hostile and naturally we have adapted to be defensively aggressive, defending that last bit of our fundamental rights with every Fibre in our being.

We are oppressed by our government, and oppressed by our people, we are judged based on our tribes(esp after the war) and maligned based on religion. We are attacked by the one's put in place to defend us(police and army) and have to defend ourselves, our families, our rights, and our property from the Hyenas that have not been so lucky to get a meal even after hunting for days on end.

We grew up in a political jungle, some of the evident traits which you might spot out easily are cannibalism and instinctive self-defense. But I must say that such traits are not peculiar to only us but shared across many developing countries. The issue Nigerians are most popular for are internet scammers, but I must say from observation that these account for less than ten in a thousand and the rest are genuinely ready to do virtually anything to survive.

The one thing that stands us out in the crowd is extreme survival instinct, drive to succeed and adaptability.

If you study that Nigerian closely with an understanding of his history and surrounding, you might just find out that he's a much nicer and better person than you are. Re: Are Nigerians Really Bad People? Dolapo Adedayo's
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